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TSD-2020 (1920x1080)

V-15/TPMC-V15 (1280x768)

TPMC-9/TPMC9L (800x480)

TPMC-4SM (800x480)

TPMC-3SM (240x320)

TSW-1050/TSW-1052 (1280x800)

TSW-750/2, 730/2, 550/2 (800x480)

TST-902 (1008x588)

TST-602 (640x480)

TSR-302 (240x320)

MLX-3 (176x220)

Xpanel for PC/MAC

iOS or Android Tablets (Various)

iOS or Android Phones (Various)

HR-150/HR-100 (N/A)

WPR-48 (N/A)

RTI T2i/T2x (240x320)

RTI T3x (480x800)

How many Audio zones (2.0 or 5.1/7.1 include 2nd or 3rd zones of a receiver)?

How many zones will have SIP/H264 intercom or paging capabilities?

How many Video zones will have a single video display (Screen or Projector)?

How many of the display/projection devices require granular trim controls (brightness, contrast etc.)?

How many motorised assemblies (include TV lifts, projection screens, TV brackets, lens sleds etc.)?

How many zones will have a local Audio/Video receiver?

How many Local Audio/Video receiver zones require granular trim controls (bass, treble etc.)?

How many zones will support split Audio and Video tracking?

What is the total number of Audio only sources (include all outputs of multi output device i.e. Autonomic)?

What is the total number of Audio & Video sources (include local TV tuners if required & local input points)?

How many of these source will require remote reboot capabilities?

How many local sources require granular control (such as genre lists)

How many IP cameras or video feeds to be displayed on the touch panels?

Are C3 to program the lighting (Crestron only)?



How many rooms/areas/zones are there with lighting control (include hallways etc.)?

Additionally display lighting circuits as a floor plan Yes/No?



How many zones of HVAC are there?

Will a security system Set/Un-Set be required from the touch panels?



Is security zone list required on the touch panel in case of failure to set?



How many Pool/Spa controllers are there in the Project?

Does the system send email notifications for certain conditions or events?



How many motorized window treatments are there in the project?

How many Bathomatic controllers are there in the Project?

If the system is required to trigger automated events based on schedules, how many schedulers are required?

User Interfaces


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Audio / Video


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Please answer the following for Lighting

Other Subsystems


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Please answer the following for HVAC